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Gregory Porter

Founder and CEO

Gregory Porter

Founder and CEO

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Marc E. Richards

VP of Business Development

Rachel Gotell

Director of Quality Assurance

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With over 100 years of combined law enforcement expertise, it’s safe to say our agents are well-trained in a wide range of scenarios, preparing them to deliver their best to you every time.

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Former Law Enforcement Executives

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Personalized Solutions for every client

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Technology equipped to deliver accurate results

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Subject Matter Expertise

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Continuous collaboration with local Law Enforcement communities

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Our Investigators

Our company has a pool of qualified special investigators, who all have the professional fortitude to properly investigate our clients’ professional requests. Our investigative team is comprised of former sworn law enforcement officers and corporate security investigators. Our investigators possess excellent analytical skills, display attention to detail, and have the ability to think creatively to uncover hidden information. They are well-versed in applicable laws and regulations to ensure that investigations are conducted ethically and within legal boundaries.
As a company, we strive for customer satisfaction and quality assurance when serving the interests of our clients. We believe in “changing the narrative to shifting paradigms” as it relates to Private investigations, Security Services Solutions, and providing professional consulting services to all present and future clients.

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As retired law enforcement executives, we truly understand the importance of:

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